The St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
New York Medical College Anesthesia Residency
St. Joseph’s graduates have become leaders in the fields of anesthesia and pain management across the United States. 
Dr. George Morales, a graduate of the program in the1950s, was the trauma anesthesiologist at George Washington University Hospital, who took care of President Ronald Reagan after an assassination attempt in 1981. Our graduates are well represented in both academics and clinical practice.  Approximately 50% of our residents  choose to pursue a subspecialty fellowship. Many of our graduates have stayed with us at St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s, educating the next generation of anesthesiologists!
In the past five years our residents have been accepted to many prestigious fellowship programs in a variety of subspecialties:
Cardiac Anesthesia: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY; Montefiore Medical Center, NY; Robert Wood Johnson Medical, NJ.

Pain Management: Beth Israel Medical Center, NY; Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY

Pediatric Anesthesia: Cleveland Clinic, OH; St. Christopher’s, PA; Nemours at DuPont Children’s Hospital, DE; Arkansas Children’s Hospital, AR; Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital, Canada; Yale University, CT;  Johns Hopkins, MD; Montifiore, NY.
Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain: University of Iowa, IA;  Cleveland Clinic, OH, University of New Mexico, NM.
Obstetric Anesthesia: St. Luke’s -Roosevelt/Mount Sinai Med Center, NY

Board certification rate:
Over the past five years, our pass rate on the ABA step 1 (written) exam is 97% with an overall (oral plus written) board certification rate of 92%.
In addition all of our residents have passed the ABA Basic exam on their first attempt.
Life After St. Joseph’s